My new rashguard - the War Lion - is available now from my Meerkatsu store.

It features my hand drawn lion head design, printed onto five colour options: white, blue, purple, brown and black, each to represent the major belt colours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. [There are more belt colours, but I picked the most common ones].

We used a different supplier to the previous Graceful Kimura, Immaculate Toehold and Heavenly Wristlock rashguards. These War Lion rashguards are a slightly tiny but looser cut. But by and large they still follow the same fit guidelines as follows:
Approximate chest size guideline: Small - 34/36" Medium - 38/40" Large - 42/44" X-Large - 46/48"

At the moment, we're only doing them as short sleeved rashguards and from Small to XXL size. If these do well, we'll consider expanding the range of size and sleeve options.